Wedding Centerpieces: Alternatives to Traditional Flowers

by Nicole Onofrio on November 22, 2011


In the year of 2011, most couples will spend approximately $2,000 on their wedding flowers.  This could be a staggering statistic if you are trying to plan a wedding on a budget.

An easy way to help salvage some of that cost, is by forgoing the large and dramatic wedding centerpieces.  Instead, have fun, and get creative with your centerpieces.  Below are some affordable ideas to get you started.

Candles – You can’t go wrong with candles.  Whether you opt for tall pillar, votive or floating candles, lighting can add a romantic and elegant setting for your wedding reception.


Fruits and Veggies - Regardless of the season, using fruit and/or veggies as your wedding centerpieces can bring a refreshing and colorful display to the room.


Candy or Cupcakes – Make your reception extra sweet by using candy or cupcakes as your wedding centerpieces.  By using your centerpieces, as your dessert, as well, you are saving even more money!


Rocks and Stones – By using rocks and stones for your wedding centerpieces, you can create a really pretty natural ambiance. 


Framed Photos – Get personal with your wedding centerpieces by enlarging your engagement photos or any of your favorite photos of you and your groom. 


Go Seasonal –  Set the mood for the season by incorporating every day items into your wedding centerpieces.

Winter – Cinnamon sticks, Pine cones, Berries


Spring – Potted plants or Silk flowers


Summer – Sand and Seashells


Fall – Leaves or Pumpkins


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One Response to “Wedding Centerpieces: Alternatives to Traditional Flowers”
  1. Chuck says:

    These look nice! Yes, we can do away with the flowers and replace it with these ideas. I love the dry leaves concept! Looks amazing with that red orange effect!

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