Ways To Save On Wedding Videography Prices

by Nicole Onofrio on June 25, 2012

When planning a wedding on a budget, one of the first services to get cut is videography. In my opinion, having a video of your special day is priceless, as it captures the moments that you weren’t around for and/or the ones that you may have forgotten in the shuffle. If you feel the same way, or you just can’t live without this service, here are some ways that will help you save…

Wedding Videography – Affordable That You Won’t Regret!

by Don on November 17, 2010

I thought in light of the economy and the fact that everyone is concerned about where their money is going, especially with weddings, that it would be a good time to discuss planning a wedding on a budget. Videography usually is one of the last things a bride considers and by the time she gets to it, her budget is gone and then what? Read these tips on how to find an affordable wedding videographer that you won’t regret!