Men’s Wedding Ring Bands: Tungsten Carbide

by Nicole Onofrio on July 7, 2012

When it comes to men’s wedding bands, there is so much to choose from but today I’m going to share some information on Tungsten Carbide, as it is becoming increasingly popular.

Less Spending on Your Wedding! Wedding Rings

by Jehnel on December 7, 2010

Wedding rings are a small symbol of the love that both of you profess on your wedding day. While they’re small, many couples spend large amounts of money for them. There are many inexpensive alternatives out there for bands and engagement rings, and, if you’re shopping for one or both, these tips can help you with working your jewelry into your budget.

Affordable Men’s Titanium Wedding Band Rings

by Nicole Onofrio on September 2, 2009

Hey Grooms!  This tip is for you… When out looking for your wedding band, you will most likely gear towards what you know…platinum or white or yellow gold.  Well, quickly look away and focus your attention on the titanium wedding bands. In jewelry, especially for men,  titanium has become the metal of choice because of [...]