Save When Selecting A Wedding Venue

by Nicole Onofrio on February 28, 2012


One of the first things to do after rivaling in your engagement is to start looking for a wedding venue.  This can be an overwhelming task, especially when you start hearing the cost, but these tips will help save some of your budget.

  • Consider Off Peak Seasons or Days – If you want to get married on a Saturday in June, then you are going to pay top dollar.  Getting married on a Friday or Sunday in February might not be ideal but the costs will be substantially less.
  • Limit Your Guest List – Invite just your immediate family and closest friends.  This will not only save you on food cost, as you will most likely pay per person but if you are renting space, it will also save you on the room rental.  A smaller room equals a smaller room rental fee – and make sure not to over-rent the space.  Don’t rent a room for 200 if you are expecting 75 guests.
  • Shorten Your Time – If paying for space by the hour, shorten the length of your ceremony and/or reception.  Also, cut the waiting time in between your ceremony and reception.  If they are in the same location, there’s no need to wait an hour in between your ceremony and cocktail reception.
  • Provide Your Own Liquor – This might be a bit of a hassle but you will avoid the high per person and mark up prices.  If you’re not sure how much liquor to bring in, here’s a chart that will help.
  • Lower Food Costs for the Little Ones – Some say that a buffet cost less, while others may argue that depending on the amount of food being offered.  Either way, find a caterer or venue that offers a kids meal at a lower price.  Don’t forget to also minus the kids from the head count for alcoholic beverages.
  • DIY Centerpieces – Find a venue that will allow you to bring in your own centerpieces, or check to see if they are provided.  Many venues will offer votives or candles at no charge.


  • The Champagne Toast – Find a venue that includes the champagne for your toast, or if you have to supply it yourself, consider sparkling cider instead.
  • Negotiate the Extras – There are many little extra necessities that you may not think of but will add up on your final bill such as valet parking, coat check, corkage fees (if bringing in your own liquor), cutting fee (for your cake), chair covers, or even bartender fees.  The venue wants your business and will usually work to get it.  With that said, negotiate these extras at no cost.
  • Mix Up the Music – You may have hired a DJ or band for your reception, but what about your ceremony or cocktail hour?  Ask the venue if they have a sound system that they can pipe in some music, or if you can supply your own for that hour or two.
  • Pay In Full If Possible – Most venues will ask for a deposit to hold your space and date.  Instead of paying just the deposit, ask your venue if they would offer a discount if you paid in full.  If doing so, make sure there is a reimbursement plan in place in the event of an emergency, cancellation or over estimation of the number of guests.
  • Ask About An All-Inclusive Package – Some venues have worked with vendors in the area to create an all-inclusive package which could include services such as your cake, photography, and music.  Typically, these services are cheaper bundled together versus contracted separately.

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