Out-of-Town Guest Bags – an Inexpensive DIY Wedding Project

by Becca on November 29, 2010


If you have invited out-of-town (OOT) guests to your wedding, giving them each a guest bag filled with small gifts and treats is a very sweet gesture.  It will remind them of how important they are to you and will help them feel a little more at home, especially if staying in a hotel.

But, are guest bags for big-budget weddings only?  Not necessarily – if done the right way, your out-of-town guest bags can be an inexpensive DIY project that your guests will truly adore.

Here’s one way to craft your own out-of-town guest bags (also known as OOT’s) while staying within your budget.

In lieu of small bags, purchase white gable boxes from Oriental Trading.  These plain white boxes can be decorated how ever you’d like – use your wedding colors and design them to match the overall theme of your wedding.   Showcase your engagement pictures, by printing them on cardstock and gluing them to the front of each box.   To save time decorating, you can purchase colored or printed gable boxes from online sites like Paper Mart.   Buy a few rolls of colored ribbon from your local craft store to tie off each box.


As for the contents of the box, you can save a ton of money by buying items in bulk.  Some usual guest bag items include bottled water, snacks like pretzels or crackers, mints, Advil or Motrin packets, coupons for local shops or restaurants, and a welcome or thank you letter.  You can personalize your guest boxes by adding a city map and local specialties (items manufactured or invented in the city where you are getting married).   It’s also a good idea to add transportation information, a schedule of wedding events, and a list of local attractions that your guests can take part in.


Whether you have to make 5 or 50 guest boxes, as long as you shop around and buy in bulk when you can, you should be able to stay within your budget.  Your out-of-town guests will absolutely appreciate the time and energy that you spent to welcome them to your wedding.

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One Response to “Out-of-Town Guest Bags – an Inexpensive DIY Wedding Project”
  1. Nicole Onofrio says:

    Great tips, Becca, as these out-of-town guest gift bags are a very popular trend right now.

    Many large cities usually have a Visitor’s Bureau or Tourism Information Center that may be able to provide brochures, coupons and additional info (for free!) on the town where the bride and groom are getting married.

    If you search around online, you can also usually find “fun facts” on the city or about marriage in general, that can be printed out at home then put in the bags. It’s something fun to include, and will give your guests something to do in the event that they need to pass some time.

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