Affordable Men’s Titanium Wedding Band Rings

by Nicole Onofrio on September 2, 2009

Hey Grooms!  This tip is for you…

When out looking for your wedding band, you will most likely gear towards what you know…platinum or white or yellow gold.  Well, quickly look away and focus your attention on the titanium wedding bands.

In jewelry, especially for men,  titanium has become the metal of choice because of it’s characteristics.  Some to include are:

  • Titanium is a harder metal so is able to withstand the dents and dings that can come from daily wear (perfect for the athletic or outdoorsy men!).
  • Titanium has the strength of steel, but the lightness of aluminum.
  • Titanium is completely corrosion resistant so it does not react to heat, sunlight, sea water or any other element.  Therefore, it will never tarnish, rust, corrode or lose its color or shape.
  • Titanium is 100% hypoallergenic, avoiding any type of skin irritation or discoloration.
  • Titanium is very fashionable, with many designs and finishes to choose from.
  • Titanium is available at a very affordable price.

Due to the high demand, most jewelers carry titanium jewelery these days.  However, for a great selection and low prices, I would recommend starting your search at Titanium Kay.

You can find a stylish 7mm Grooved Men’s Titanium Wedding Band Ring featuring a high polished and matte finish for only $64.99 (retail value $157.98)!

Before purchasing your ring, make sure to check out the testimonials, warranty and return policy information.

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