Free Bachelorette Party Games

by Nicole Onofrio on February 24, 2011


Whether the bride-to-be is hanging home with a bunch of friends or out dancing it up at a club, it’s always fun to have a few games on hand to spice up the night.

You will most likely already be putting out a lot of money to celebrate the brides “last night” as single women so there’s no need to put out additional money on games too.  So, below you will find free bachelorette party games…

Bachelorette Party Word Find – Here you and your friends will need to find 10 words, going in any direction.


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Bachelorette Party Word Scramble – See if you and the girls can unscramble these 10 bachelorette party related words.


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Bachelorette Party Placemat - If you are at a friends house or an informal restaurant, this placemat will be sure to provide some laughs!   Provided by


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Do You Dare- Before you head out or while at dinner, have all of the girls write down on a piece of paper or napkin one funny thing that they would like to see the bride do throughout the night such as, “Find a guy carrying a condom in his wallet” or “Ask a random guy if you can pluck his chest hair”.  Fold up the paper or napkins and hold on to them in a cup or a purse pocket.  Every half hour or hour, have the bride pick one task.  Once the bride completes a task (and everyone gets done laughing) by the bride a shot or her favorite drink.

Suck for a Buck – This game isn’t exactly free, as it requires you to put out some money for supplies; however, it is still very inexpensive and worth the cash. wedding-planning

1.  Buy a cheap tank top or t-shirt. 

2.  With puffy paint or a marker write, “Suck for a Buck” on the front of the shirt. 

3.  Purchase gummy worms or life savers and sew them onto the shirt, or connect them with a safety pin, all over the shirt. 

4.  Have the bride where it out to the local bar or club.  As she walks around, the bride-to-be will ask random guys if they would like to suck a worm or life saver off of the shirt.  In return, they must pay her a buck. 

This is for the more risky bride but still fun and harmless. 

I hope that these games will provide some extra fun and affordable entertainment for the big girls night out! 

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