DIY Wedding Project – Underwater Floral Centerpieces

by Becca on December 12, 2010

Submerged flower vases have become a popular wedding centerpiece offered by florists.  Here’s how to create the same look for a fraction of the cost.

For your wedding underwater floral centerpieces you will need:

- Real, silk or latex flowers, greenery and/or branches; all which have their own costs and benefits.  To use fresh flowers, you will have to put the centerpiece together the night before at the very earliest because they are perishable and will only last for so long.  Silk flowers, while being inexpensive, may not provide the exact look that you want because water acts as a natural magnifier.  The frays of the fabric petals and imperfections in plastic will be clear to see underwater.  Latex flowers are a good option and can be found at most craft stores.  If you use faux flowers, test them underwater beforehand to make sure that their colors don’t bleed.  As far as fresh flowers go, try not to use any with a ton of pollen or paper-thin petals.  Tulips, ferns, lillies, cherry blossom branches and hydrangeas work wonderfully submerged.

-Vases; tall rectangular or cylindrical vases are used most but there really aren’t any rules.  It depends on the look you’re going for, how long the stems of your chosen flowers are and what you can find.

-Stainless steel washers/fish sinkers; these will keep your flowers submerged.  The smaller, the less noticeable but the weight you need depends on how many flowers you’re submerging and how large and heavy the flowers/stems/branches are.  These weights are usually rather inexpensive so it may be okay to buy a few different sizes and try them out.

-Fishing line; used to tie the flowers to the weights.  The thinnest line you can find will work perfectly.  You may also want to purchase some floral tape to bind some of your flowers together.

-Decorative rocks, gravel, shells, stones or sand; to hide the weights.

-Distilled water; it will prevent bubbles from attaching to the flowers and other submerged items.

-Optional; floating votive candles or submersible LED lights to give the vase an elegant glow.

To put your centerpiece together, make sure that your vase is clean and streak-free.  Plan out how you would like your flowers to rest once submerged before you tie or tape them together.  Once you have a design that you like, tape or tie your flowers together; then, tie and wrap the fishing line tightly around the base of the stems.  Attach the end of the fishing line to the weight.  You might find that some branches or flowers don’t require a weight to stay underwater but you won’t know until you practice.

Slide your branches and/or flowers in the the vase and arrange the decorative stones, shells, sand, etc. on the bottom to cover up any visible fishing line or weights.

Lastly, fill up your vase with distilled water using a measuring cup.  This way, the water doesn’t rush in too quickly and mess-up your design.

It might be better for you (or a friend or bridesmaid) to set your centerpieces up the day of your wedding if possible. If not, transport them to your venue by placing them in a large box so they are less likely to tip over.  If you’re using real flowers, fill the vases with only a small amount of water so the flowers are able to stay fresh.  If not, you can add the water once you get to your venue.

Add your floating votives if you’d like and you’re all set.  You now have a gorgeous, inexpensive wedding centerpiece that will help set the mood for your dinner and reception.


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2 Responses to “DIY Wedding Project – Underwater Floral Centerpieces”
  1. Louise Davis says:

    I have a question on underwater floral arrangements, how would roses work underwater ? and how long will the arrangement last.

    • Yes, any flower works underwater but some work better than others. I particularly love roses underwater – especially in a skinny or smaller bowl type vase, as they seem to have a magnified effect. The arrangement will last approx. 2 days but not because of the flower, because of the water. It will start to get cloudy.

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