DIY Wedding Ideas – Summer Inspired Decor

by Deanna on May 14, 2011


Summer is on it’s way!  Why not let the season inspire you and your wedding decor?  Here’s a relatively inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding idea that you can use to decorate your reception. 

All you need are a few glass vases, some summer blooms (in any color you like), and some fresh fruit with a fragrance that you enjoy.  The great thing about this wedding project is that you can put your own personal spin on it.


First choose your vases.  If you’re planning on using this idea for your centerpieces, try to stick to something small and inexpensive since you’ll want one on every table.  If you’re planning on using them as more of a decoration, you can be a little more extravagant.  Also, make sure that the vase isn’t too narrow as you’ll want to be able to fit the fruit, flowers, and a little bit of water without all of it spilling out.

Next, choose your fruit.  If you want to stick with a summer theme try using lemons.  The smell of fresh lemon slices will get your guests thinking of warm afternoons and fresh lemonade.  You could also use oranges, limes, or my personal choice, grapefruit.  The number and size of your vases will dictate how much fruit you’ll need.  As a general rule, each fruit will make 4-6 good sized slices that you can use.

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The next step is to choose your flowers.  To help save as much money as possible, stick with flowers that bloom naturally in the summertime.  If you’re making centerpieces, try to pick flowers that are less expensive since you’ll be needing more of them.  The flowers that you use are up to you, but as a rule of thumb you may want to stick with flowers with long stems so that they’ll stick out of the vase.  Also, don’t stress about filling each vase completely with flowers.  This DIY wedding project is great because you can use the flowers in a sparse way that creates a delicate yet put-together look.  For this project, less can be more.


After you’ve made all your choices, assemble your project.  Fill your vases with a little bit of water to keep your flowers fresh.  Also, cut your fruit slices the night before your reception and refrigerate them to keep them from drying out.  The result should be a beautiful summer décor that both looks and smells wonderful.

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2 Responses to “DIY Wedding Ideas – Summer Inspired Decor”
  1. Misty says:

    I am using mason jars for my centerpieces. I have not purchased one yet, but just have asked around and people have given me them. Each one is different and thats what I like most about them. It adds character. I’m adding some purple daisies in each one to top it off.

    • That’s another great money saving tip…instead of purchasing the mason jars, you can always ask around. If family and friends don’t have any, you can usally find them at your local dollar store or even a flea market or yard sale for cheap. These jars definitely add character. I’m sure your centerpieces will turn out great. Thanks for sharing your comment!

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