DIY Wedding Idea: String Chandelier

by Jehnel on May 16, 2011


Hi, my name is Sarah Liebendorfer, a bride-to-be from South Carolina.  I’m today’s guest blogger, here to share a do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding idea. 

I began to plan for my June wedding quite slowly.  My dear friend, Kaitlyn, had recently gotten married and she helped me make a list of things to accomplish before the big day.  I started to follow The Knot’s website and their checklist, as well.  I went through pages of ideas and deadlines to be met.

When thinking of my wedding theme, my words of inspiration were “vintage”, “country”, “floral” and “nature.”  I decided my colors would be navy blue, mustard yellow, kelly green and olive green.  One of the ways that I incorporated them: I wanted my bridesmaids to wear mismatched floral dresses with those colors.  It was a great way for the girls to enjoy shopping for the wedding and to be a part of the process without stressing me out.

Another way that I wanted to incorporate my theme was through my reception.  I wanted it to be decorated with vintage tables, with collected items from different knick-knack stores.  My future mother-in-law and I collected fruit baskets, jars, cups and anything else “vintage” to see what ideas we would get from it.  A lightbulb went off and I pieced everything together.  To top it off, it was such a cheap way to decorate for my reception and it was so much fun!


I also wanted to dabble in DIY wedding  projects; another very inexpensive way to decorate your wedding.  I came across a project that I loved doing and I’m sure you all would love as well!

DIY String Chandelier


-Elmer’s school glue
-Cotton spool of white yarn (or any color you choose)
-1/2 cup of cornstarch
-1/4 cup of warm water
-Petroleum jelly (to prevent sticking)
-Fishing line string
-Two chairs
-Broom or stick to hold the strings with the balloons
-Tarp or garbage bag to help in easy clean-up

First, I set up two kitchen chairs with my friend and assistant, Megan.  We used our broom stick to hold the yarn.  Next, we mixed the glue, water, and corn starch and made a paste.  Then, we blew up the balloons and hung them from the yarn attached to the broom stick.  To prevent sticking, we generously applied petroleum jelly all over the balloons.


Now the fun part!  Megan and I began unspooling the yarn, dipped it into the glue mixture and began laying the yarn onto the balloons.  Twenty-four hours later, we popped the balloons with a knife and enjoyed the finished product.


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