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by Deanna on February 8, 2011


Spring is quickly approaching and it has brides thinking about bright, festive bouquets and centerpieces  but replicating nature’s beauty at your wedding can get expensive.  It’s no wonder why so many brides are starting to go in a different direction when it comes to their flower arrangements…paper flowers! 

Why use paper? 

On top of being far less expensive than real flowers, paper bouquets and centerpieces require next to no maintenance, can be designed in any color imaginable, and add a creative and unique touch to any wedding or reception. 

Paper flowers are simple enough to be made at home with supplies that can be found at any craft store.  They can also be a fun way to get your family and friends involved in your wedding.  Throw a flower party; invite your friends, family, or wedding party over and spend the day chatting and socializing while you all create these beautiful arrangements together. 

If you’re interested in using paper flowers but don’t think you possess the ingenuity to create your own designs, never fear.  There are plenty of websites and blogs with step by step instructions to teach you how to make all kinds of different styles of flowers.  Here are just a few samples that I found online. 



















(Click any of the above images for original source and full instructions

Most of the designs above use tissue or crepe paper, but you can use other more unique materials for a ‘wow’ factor that your guests are sure to notice.  For instance picture number 3 uses pages from an old book, number 6 uses cupcake liners, number 7 uses pom poms made of yarn and number 9 uses coffee filters. 

Just because the materials are cheap doesn’t mean your flowers have to look cheap.  With the right amount of time and attention to detail, your paper flowers can look as elegant and beautiful as if they were nature made. 

When searching online for your favorite designs, try not to get overwhelmed.  Some designs are more complicated then others, but all are manageable.  Just remember that practice makes perfect. 

So don’t think that beautiful flowers have to break the bank.  With a little bit of time, creativity, and a whole lot of paper you can have gorgeous flower arrangements, centerpieces, corsages, and bouquets that will make your wedding the talk of the town. 

For another unique do-it-yourself wedding project made with paper, see DIY Wedding Decor: Printed Paper Fan Garland.

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5 Responses to “DIY Wedding Ideas – Paper Flowers”
  1. Karen says:

    Those are really cute – I’ll have to give some a try. Thanks for posting. Karen

  2. Jehnel says:

    Hooray for your first blog, Deanna! I love the idea of paper flowers.

  3. Becca says:

    Love this blog Deanna! Paper flowers can be so unique; what a fun project for the bride and bridesmaids to work on!

  4. Libby says:

    I was expecting the typical tissue paper flowers… consider me pleasantly surprised. There are so many cute versions you shared that I wasn’t familiar with. I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for the inspo!

  5. Jim Schneider says:

    Very cool idea. The samples are awesome.

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