DIY Wedding Decor: Printed Paper Fan Garland

by Irene on July 8, 2010


This do-it-yourself (DIY) wedding decor project is a classy way to add a vintage touch to your wedding ceremony, reception or bridal shower.  You can create a timeless feel by using old paperback novels and some pretty paper from your local crafts store, while personalizing it by using your favorite colors and patterns.

Project: Printed Paper Fan Garland

Time it took to finish project: 35 minutes

Materials needed:

  • Twine
  • An old paperback book or sheet music (I went to my local library, where I bought an old book for 50 cents.)
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Decorative paper in any color and pattern (It would be best to get paper on the thinner side, as it is easier to work with.)

1. Tear out some pages of your paperback.  Depending on how long you want your garland to be, you’ll need more or less pages.  I used 5 pages for a garland of about 1 yard.


2. Take the pages and one by one begin to fold them in an accordion like fashion.  To make it easier to get smooth, even folds, you can use the edge of the table.  The book that I bought was pretty small so I chose to use the whole page. If your book is on the larger side, you can decide what size you want your fans to be.


3. Pinch one side of the folded page together to create a fan.  Then take your needle and thread and begin threading the needle through the bottom of the fan.  Make sure your thread is long enough to tie together at the top once you’re done threading it through.  Tie a double knot at the top and leave enough thread so you can tie the fan to the twine.


4. Now take your patterned paper and make smaller strips of paper than your paperback pages and repeat 2-3.



5. Now take your assorted “fans” and tie them onto the twine in whatever pattern you’d like. Here’s the result:









If you need to, use some tape to secure the fans onto the string. 

This project is very simple, affordable and can add a classy, vintage flair to any occasion.  These paper fan garlands will decorate your event beautifully when hanging between doorways or behind chairs, and provides a personal touch that money can’t buy.

When looking for a DIY wedding decor project, I first tried to make fun pinwheel garlands that I found on Project Wedding.  I found it extremely difficult to assemble them and then attach them to the twine.   So, I tried my own variation of fans instead, which turned out to be much easier.  They also look great and can save you a lot of time and money.

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    Wow. It really amazing step with beautiful and simple result. I need more DIY about wedding. Thanks.

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