Cheap (but Cute) Wedding Ideas!

by Nicole Onofrio on August 25, 2009

Hi Everyone!  I went to my cousin’s wedding this past weekend and I couldn’t wait to come back and share all of the great inexpensive wedding ideas!

InviteLet me start off with the invitations.  The invitations were hand made by her daughters.  The wedding details were printed off of the computer, on to white paper.  The white paper was cut to size, then glued on to a piece of construction paper.  To decorate the invite, there was a blue ribbon that ran through two holes punched at the top.  For those who were invited to the church, there was a small paper insert with those details, as well.  How can you go wrong with this?  It kept the kids busy (which hopefully gave the bride-to-be some time to concentrate on other wedding to-do’s).  It’s meaningful, and probably cost next to nothing for the construction paper and ribbon.

DecorNext, the centerpieces… clear glass vases with blue tinted stones at the bottom.  After filled with water, each vase had two white or pink Gerber Daisies (stem cut short and draped over the side of the vase).  Placed in between the flower vases, were votives.  The votive holder was blue tinted glass with a silver glitter trim around the top, then filled with a white votive candle.

The Gerbera Daisies were picked up at the grocery store, which can usually be bought in bulk if ordered ahead of time.  At the ShopRite buy my house, you can order 75 Gerbera Daisies for only $92.99.  You can even pick them up a few days before the actual wedding, as these types of flowers have a 7-9 day vase life.   As for everything else, it was all bought at the dollar store (can you believe it!!!).

To add an extra special touch, the tables were covered with a gray plastic tablecloth, then topped with a clear plastic tablecloth that had the two-hearts printed throughout.  Again, this was a very affordable decor idea.  The tablecloths were purchased at Oriental Trading Company for only $17.99.  It comes as a banquet roll of 100 ft.  which can then be cut to size, to fit your table.


On to the cake!  The cake was a full marble sheet cake; the best of both worlds (chocolate & vanilla!).  The cake was topped with a double heart to give it more of a wedding cake-ish feel, and was personalized with the bride & groom’s names.  The best part of this cake, although it was delicious, was the price.  It was only $29.99 at BJ’s!!!

favorsAnd last but not least, I can’t forget about the favors.  The wedding favors were double chocolate hearts (which if you haven’t caught on yet, was the theme), that my cousin and the kids made.  The chocolate hearts were wrapped in a clear bag, and sealed with a printed paper tag that said “thank you”.  Again, it got the kids involved, they were fun to make, inexpensive and a tasty treat for her guests!

Congrats again to Jenny & Bob, and thanks for the great blogging material!  These are all wonderful ideas for those planning a wedding on a budget, or for those who are looking to just keep things simple!

If you’ve been to a wedding lately, and have seen some great inexpensive wedding ideas, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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