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by Jehnel on November 25, 2011


Many brides and grooms think that if a wedding ceremony is held outdoors, there isn’t a need for many decorations, if at all.  While this is true for many places (and it’s up to you in the end), couples are opting to still have unique elements that convey their chosen style and/or theme.  The tricky part is executing this without going overboard.  Pay attention to your surroundings and what you already have as “free” decor, and you will pull this off perfectly.

1. Entrances

Consider the path that your guests will walk through to get to the main ceremony site.  Is it open or is it encompassed with natural foliage?  If it’show-to-plan-a-wedding open and you want decor for that space, consider a cute sign pointing them to the area where the ceremony will take place.  Include a picture from your engagement session and place it on an easel or stand.  For added effect, create a small path with flower petals or hang paper lanterns on stands.

If there are trees leading towards the location, hang some pictures from them or wrap them with tulle or ribbon.  If the tree branches are low enough, consider hanging small lanterns or drape them with string lights.

2. Seating

Are you going with benches or individual chairs?  Deciding on whether to have straight, uniform rows or are you interested having circular wedding-tipsseating?  When having an outdoor ceremony, the choices are endless when it comes to seating.  Consider the expanse of space you have and how many guests you are going to be accommodating.  Once you have that in mind, decide which seats are better and how to decorate them, if necessary.  If you are going with traditional straight rows (whether with benches or single chairs), an adorable idea is to gather metal buckets and fill them with a flower of your choice and line them down the aisle.

For individual chairs, on the outermost chairs that are next to the aisle, hang simple decorations on them such as these lovely tissue paper pomandersInexpensive and one-of-a-kind!

If you choose benches, which may be a more affordable than individual chairs, opt to have small containers next to each with something of your choice inside.  Another idea is putting a pole next to each bench and connecting each pole with fabric or tulle.

3. The Aisle

Couples can choose not to have any decoration on the aisle surface itself, if they are having an outdoor wedding.  Most  times, the reason behind this is because there are enough decorative elements as it is.  If it’s in your plans to incorporate decor onto the area where you will walk down, keep it understated.  Simply having flower petals is enough and will add to the surroundings.

4. The Altar

Brides and grooms typically choose a specific spot to stand to highlight their ceremony.  Some will choose to say ”I-Do” in front of a tree, others will choose a picturesque background of vast land (or sea).  Whatever the case, again, keep it understated and let nature do the work! wedding-planning

If you’re in the woods and are choosing to stand in front of a large tree to say your vows, hang your initials onto the tree.  If the tree’s branches are low enough, hang plants, lanterns, ribbon, or anything else you desire.

For any location, an arch does a great job in creating a special location for your wedding vows.  The best part is that this can be done yourself and can be very inexpensive.  Decorate it with flowers, lights, tulle, or even branches.

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