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by Deanna on May 21, 2011


Feather bouquets are one of the hottest new bridal trends right now.   Not only are they super fun to create and carry but they can actually end up being cheaper than wedding floral arrangements.  Another great thing about feather bouquets is that whether you choose to go simple and elegant or wild and dramatic, they always end up looking beautiful and unique.

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If you make the choice to use feathers in your wedding bouquet, here are a few things you should know.   First, you don’t have to make it yourself.   There are places online (like etsy.com) where you can order and sometimes even custom create your own bouquet and have it shipped to you.  However, this option can get a little pricey.   Even though feathers are much cheaper than flowers, you’ll be paying higher prices for labor and design.


If your wedding budget really won’t allow for a custom built feather bouquet, that’s alright too.  You can make a feather bouquet yourself with supplies from a craft store.  Find pictures from the internet or bridal magazines to use as inspiration, then go to the store and piece together your bouquet yourself. 

If you’re looking for something really different, or you just want more options when it comes to your plumes, try buying your feathers online at wholesale prices.  This is a great idea too if you want your bridesmaids to carry feather bouquets as well because you can buy in bulk and save a lot.

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For brides that like the idea of feathers but still want to stay more traditional, try a mixture of the two.   Adding a few bright plumes to a white floral arrangement is a great way to punch up the drama without going overboard.   To save even more money, consider using silk flowers instead of real ones.   Not only will your bouquet be cheaper over all, but since all the materials are fake, you’ll be able to keep your bouquet and cherish it for years.

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Insider Tip:  Some time this summer we will be running a contest, for your chance to win your own custom feather bouquets so keep an eye out!

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